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How To Make My Engine Run Like New

There’s no denying that Ford vehicles are manufactured with premium power, performance and reliability, but in order to keep your Ford running like new, it’s important to stay on top of routine maintenance. The service team at Gengras Ford is here to help you learn how to maintain a Ford like new and how to make your engine run like new.

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Ford Maintenance Made Easy

The service team at Gengras Ford is committed to helping maximize your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. That’s why we recommend servicing your Ford model regularly. It’s how to maintain a Ford like new. Routine maintenance includes oil change service and tire rotations. During Ford maintenance appointments, our service team will fully inspect all working components of your vehicle and recommend preventive Ford maintenance. It’s how to make my engine run like new.

In addition to routine Ford maintenance, there are also other actions you can take. Instead of Googling ‘how to make my engine run like new,’ we recommend stopping in at our service center for a checkup. Routine checkups include an inspection of the brake fluid. Your vehicle’s brake fluid should be changed at least every three years as it helps to prevent corrosion.

Additional recommended Ford maintenance is a swap out of the transmission fluid at 150,000 miles. When scheduling Ford maintenance at Gengras Ford, our ASE certified technicians will also check to see if the suspension components need more lubrications. It’s common for dry joints to wear out. Keeping the ball joints and tie rods lubricated is how to maintain a Ford like new.

Inspection Of All Moving Parts

Regular oil change service is essential, but during Ford maintenance, our team will also inspect the cooling system. Your engine’s coolant helps minimize corrosion on all working parts and of course, helps the engine run cool. We recommend changing the engine coolant at 100,000 miles. If you have an older car, you can maintain a Ford like new by having the engine coolant changed every 50,000 miles after the first 100,000-mile service.

If you’re wondering ‘how to make my engine run like new,’ don’t underestimate the need to pay close attention to warning lights. We provide thorough check engine light service and will inspect your vehicle, regardless of which warning light has illuminated. Our team is also committed to keeping you comfortable. That’s why we recommend a cleaning of the air conditioning unit on a regular basis to remove bacteria, fungi and mold that can negatively affect the cabin environment.

How To Maintain A Ford Like New Just Got Easier

If you’re wondering how to make my engine run like new, the best answer is to stay on top of Ford maintenance. The team at Gengras Ford is here to help